flippd Spreadsheet Basic 2022 by Hustlin Hooks

Edin Hook-Kurbegovic
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flippd Spreadsheet is the inventory & sales tracking tool for all resellers across multiple platforms such as ebay, Poshmark, Amazon, Mercari and more. Regardless of your reseller aspirations, this tool is going to take you to the next level: understanding your business with data. Some of the features include automatically calculated net profits, sales summaries and an aging master inventory sheet. This tool will also allow for expense tracking such as supplies, rentals, mileage and more! flippd will make sure that you are tax ready every day.

You can watch a tutorial video on this product on the Hustlin Hook's YouTube channel.

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flippd Spreadsheet Basic is designed for Microsoft Excel only. You will need to have access to Microsoft Excel before using this spreadsheet. You will need fundamental understanding of Excel to use flippd Spreadsheet.

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